KV Real Estate Finance

Providing our clients with professional real estate financial expertise for all of their capital requirements.  KVRF is another pillar of the KV Capital group, building on over a decade of experience in the private lending business in the Canadian Real Estate Markets.

Here to Help

KV Real Estate Finance is here to support your business. Now, more than ever, it is important to have local partners like us who understand not only the unique challenges faced by Alberta businesses but also the unique opportunities they see – and who can work with you to find the financing your project or business requires.

We remain as active as ever in the market, continuing to work as hard as we can to support our clients and colleagues through these challenging times. Whether you have immediate financing needs or simply want help understanding changes in the real estate lending market, I encourage you to reach out to myself (marc@kvrf.ca) or a member of our team. As well, our team of experts in both real estate and business operations are actively reviewing recently announced government support programs available to help our clients. Please contact us if you’d like to receive updates on the support programs available.

“Stay Safe”- together we are strong.

Marc Prefontaine,
President, KV Real Estate Finance

KVRF Services

Construction Financing

Access and advice on a range of financing to fit your interim capital requirements for land development, multi-family (condo and purpose built rental), retail, industrial, office, hospitality and mixed use.

Commercial Term Financing

Access and advice on mortgage financing for longer term, cash flowing assets for terms from 1-10 years on multi-family, retail, industrial, office and hospitality asset classes.

Land Financing

Access and advice on capital for short and long term land acquisitions and holds

Bridge Financing

Access and advice on short term financing intended for acquisition/ value add of assets to get you to the next steps in your real estate strategy.

Specialty Financing

Access and advice on structured real estate debt/equity capital to aide our clients in accessing up to 100% of the capital stack.